about us

our mission is to offer travelers mental and physical recovery
by high quality activities in the middle of natures beauty.

as the owner of boreal tours my name is barbara willen. being an enthusiastic nature and sports lover i founded boreal tours travel in autumn 2003 and worked out a lot of interesting adventure, sports and outdoor tours in northern scandinavia. years of experience as a wilderness guide, instructor and personally responsible for marketing and product development allow that i organise all boreal tours from beginning to the end. as well as i guide most of the tours myself.

born in switzerland in 1970 (resident of finland between 1996 and 2008, of sweden 2008 until now) i know very well what kind of tours central european adventurer and nature enthusiasts are looking for. all boreal programs are perfect combinations of these tour requests and the unlimited opportunities of lapland.

loving nature i explored many routes in the world by foot, skis, cycle or sleddogs – countless short trips and a few longer ones:

  • tasmanian trail – australia
  • alaskan highway – usa
  • patagoninan trail – chile/argentina
  • northkalottleden and sarek – scandinavia
  • atlas – morocco
  • martial glacier – tierra del fuego, chile
  • gr20 – la corse, france
  • aconcagua – chile
  • planned 2016: great himalayan trail – nepal

our promise

no request is too big or too small for us. if it matters to you, it matters to us. tell us your dreams and let us plan your escape perfect.

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meet the team

putte and my four legged friends are together with me the heart of boreal. they have all travelled extensively and loved it perfectly so you can enjoy our common adventures.

lapland recovery holidays - active trips in pure nature - putte the cook



as my lifepartner and friend and with many years experience as a cook putte is taking care of the wellbeing of our guests on our special gourmet tours and events. Delicious local specialities prepared with love are always welcome!

boreal tours barbara active recovery holidays


owner and guide

additionally to my profile above i just want to welcome all of you to enjoy and share our passion for the scandinavian nature!
Don´t miss it!

lapland adventures, active recovery trips and holidays - sabine



as a very good friend of mine and with lots of experience about dogs and guiding she leads some tours. mainly the husky ski trekking on the northern kings trail. as a enthusiastic nature lover, sabine loves animals and outdoorlife.

lapland holidays with husky ski snowshoes



simba was born on 5th of august 2010 in finland. loved by everyone he joins bianca often in the leader position. simba is a very strong pulling but calm dog in front of the pulka.

cabin holidays in lapland - relax active with bianca


open leaderdog

born on 25th of september 2006 in finland bianca is right now the oldest working dog. having been a very special leaderdog since her very early age, she opened endless possibilities for me. no weather is too tough for her.

lapland cabin recovery - relaxing holidays



mirkku was born on 17th of july 2009 in sweden. she joined our group as a one years old shy girl. after some years working together she developed to a strong mental woman, joining bianca and simba often with leading the team.

active recovery trips in lapland scandinavia



ronja was born on 19th of march 2007. a very strong and hard working girl since she was a puppy. in front of the pulka she is working like a horse and by every stop asking with high voice to continue moving. sister of suni.

active recovery adventures - canoeing fishing and sauna



suni was as well born on 19th of march 2007. compared to her sister ronja, she is a very quiet girl. during our overnight tours she does´t like to be attached on the sleeping place and sneaks around the camp all nights.

lapland in midnightsun - active holidays in scandinavia



born in maj 2005 in germany gustav is the oldest man in our pack. been a grateful working dog all his life he decided in autumn 2015, that it is time to make space for the youngsters. nevertheless enjoys long walks and life with his pack.

skiing in lapland - crosscountry - backcountry - nordic skiing



born as well on 21h june 2014 ori is the brother of luna. more careful than her sister, he handles new situations slow and relaxed. once in the lines, nothing can stop him anymore!

Lappland urlaub - Skandinavien in der mitternachtssonne



born on 21h june 2014 she belongs toghether with her brother ori to the juniors. the winter 2015/2016 is the first real working winter for her. with a very high motivation to run she is a happy young girl!

erholung in lappland - natur und Aktivitäten - kann - fischen - paddeln



born in 2006 tindra is our gordon setter girl, not sure, if she was a hunting or sled dog during her life… enjoying anyway mostly running free or sleeping in the couch.

nordlichter - northern lights

bowie and nala

in memory

the two swiss ladies as well got used to the colder temperatures up north. thanks for the great job you have done!

urlaub in der natur - lapland skandinavien - schweren

kimaira and nemesis

the sisters in memory

we will never forget you and keep you in our minds!
nemesis enjoyed her life in the protecting shadow of her sister kimaira, which was the pack leader all her life and taking care of a good order in the garden. thanks!

recovery holidays with active days


in memory

ulle was ”speaking” always while having fun with her colleagues. a lovable dog, which was born in germany as well – like gustav.

relax mind and body - with activities and sauna


in memory

remu was my first own sleddog. as a siberian husky a big beautiful boy. following me even today in the mind like a shadow behind every step. good boy!