what means husky skitrekking?

have a look at our video! during our husky skitrekking [...]

what to pack for a skiing tour?

daybackpack 20-30 l headlamp thermosbottle/drinkingsystem toiletarticles/suncream/sunglases/gogles small towel/personal medicaments [...]

how to dress for winter tours?

The way to prevent being cold in wintertime is to [...]

how is the climate in lapland?

in northern lapland you are at the same latitude as [...]

what insurances are needed?

we suggest to take out a health insurance document for [...]

whom are the native people of lapland?

the sami people (also sámi or saami, traditionally known in english as [...]

what are northern lights?

in the polar night the northern lights are the only [...]

what is the polar night?

the opposite of the midnight sun is the polar night [...]

what is a reindeer?

the reindeer, is a species of deer with circumpolar distribution, native to arctic, subarctic, tundra, [...]

what is the midnight sun?

in places further north than 66.5 degree the sun stands [...]

what about health and mosquitoes?

you don’t have to bother about your health in lapland. [...]